What Is Search Engine Marketing?

What Is Search Engine Marketing?A form of Internet marketing, Search Engine Marketing is a great way of promoting a website and increasing its visibility by using different paid methods and Search Engine Optimization. The paid methods advertise the site on other popular websites which have huge traffic on them while SEO optimizes the pages and improves the ranking in a search. Some of the largest paid search engine marketing vendors include Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing.

What all is included in Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing uses a number of different tools and techniques for promotion of the site and includes

Importance of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a real important tool in the online world. The rule is really simple – If the customer is not able to find you, he cannot buy from you. Search engine marketing improves the visibility of your site by increasing the ranking in various searches as done on search engines and by presence of small advertisements on other websites which have high traffic on their site. This means increased number of visitors on your site, increased sales and therefore revenue generation.

The key here is however the correct traffic. Search engine marketing is done in a well planned manner to ensure that correct traffic comes to the site. This means you do not want 1000 people visiting while only 1 making a purchase. Instead, it is better if only 100 people visits but 10 of them buy something.

Search Engine Marketing Tools

Keywords – Research and Analysis

Keywords play an important part in popularizing the website. They are a must for not only indexing the website but also tell the search engines what the pages of the site are all about. They are a great way to improve the visibility, generate traffic and describing in brief about the products and services of the site.

Saturation and Popularity

Website saturation refers to the presence of the website on the search engines. This is judged by the number of pages of the site that are indexed in the search engine. Keywords play an important part in this. The more the saturation or presence, easier it is for people to find you on the internet.

The popularity of the website is determined by a number of factors and as with all other parameters, those for popularity also changes with time. Incoming links from other sites is a great way to show the popularity of the site. Here if the incoming links are from non popular sites, then there would be less visibility of your site. However, if they are from site generating heavy traffic, the popularity of your site would increase automatically.

Back End Tools

There are a number of different tools used for search engine marketing that analyze the different aspects of your website and also provides with useful insights on ways that can help to improve the coding and design of the site in order to meet the W3C standards.


The competition of the market plays an important role in the level of success in any search engine marketing campaign. You should be careful with the way you handle this type of marketing if your business is in highly competitive and saturated market, as many companies are always competing for the same group of consumers who have already been bombarded with all kinds of products, and would only be willing to buy from a company with the best quality at the lowest price. This makes it necessary to plan your search engine marketing very well, and in most cases, it is a good idea to let an expert handle it for you.

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