What Is Web Design?

What Is Web Design?The first step in the task of web design is to take into account the purpose for which the website is being created. The website may have the purpose of publicizing the business or informing potential customers about the products or services offered by the business. The website could have a customer service motive containing instructions on the use of the products, opportunities for customer feedback or information on product warranty or guarantees. With web design, the requirements of the users of the website are the most important consideration, and the web designer should never forget that a bored visitor can exit the website with one click.

The Purpose of Your Website

Concerning web design, if the website is purely to inform people about the business, the information must be set out clearly on each page with links to further informative pages and convenient navigation through the site. The website will need a professional look, and thought should be given to the color scheme and the appearance of the text on the page. If there is a customer service element, the website must provide appropriate opportunities for customers to ask questions or send through complaints about the products.

If the aim of the website is to sell products online, the landing page must open up the way to links to product categories or to individual products. The links should be very clearly labeled and placed on the page in the most convenient way and help the visitor to click on the link after reading the general description of the product category. The links will take users to pages containing more detailed descriptions of the products on offer. When the user has selected products to purchase it should be very easy to add these to a virtual basket and finally go to the online checkout to pay for the goods.

The Appearance of Your Website

On any business website, the appearance of the pages throughout the website should be consistent in presentation and use of color. A logo or trademark associated with the business could appear at the top of each page, and the standard layout will help to give the whole website a professional feel. A standard layout to the pages helps the visitor to the site to easily understand how to navigate through the pages, understand the content and find links to other pages.

The text on the web pages should be kept short and arranged in short paragraphs. Images should be placed on each page to add interest and inform the visitors about the business and its products. The text should be large enough and there should be sufficient spacing between lines. The color of the text and of the background should form a pleasant contrast to make it easy to read.

Only a few different colors should be used, preferably those corresponding to the company logo, and the images placed on the pages should help understanding of the text rather than distracting readers from the meaning. Too many spectacular graphics may be annoying to visitors and may not necessarily be compatible with the web browser being used. They could therefore become counter-productive and cause visitors to exit the site.

Web design is therefore, a valuable help in promoting information about a business and serving the customers. Good web design can make the difference between success and failure of online sales. It is worthwhile for a business to make the time and effort to ensure that the website is well designed.

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