What Is Web Development?

What Is Web Development?A combination of different activities that are required for the design, development and uploading of a website either on the World Wide Web or a private network more popularly known as the intranet is called web development. So what is included in web development?

Web development consists of a number of different activities and processes. Each of them has importance and function of its own.

  • Web Design
  • Web Content Development
  • Client Liaison
  • Scripting – Client Side/ Server Side
  • Network Security Configuration
  • E Commerce development
  • Content Management
  • Database Development
  • Flash Animation
  • System Integration
  • Search Engine Optimisation

The effectiveness of the term ranges from the development of a static single page site composed of only text to websites containing some of the most complex internet applications.

Web Design
The first thing to consider during the process of web development is the design of the website. It includes the placement of text, images and other applications. You would also need to decide on the type of font, color and images that you want on the site. Markup languages are used for designing of web. While HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is used for structuring the web pages, CSS is used for presentation and JavaScript for adding interactivity.

Web Content Development
Another really important step in the process of website development is the development of content that would be posted on the various pages of the site. The process includes

  • Researching
  • Gathering
  • Organizing
  • Writing
  • Editing

The content is really important part that aids a lot in improving the visibility of the site. You would need to use the keywords in the correct manner in the required density for better visibility. Web content development also includes the use of graphics, pictures, video and audio files.

Scripting is a process included in website development that aims in the creation of a set of instructions that initiates a process or a reaction whenever a command is given. The developer needs to be an expert in a number of different programming languages. The programmers are not only required to design and write the codes but also test and debug them. They would also need to maintain the source code for future work. The two types of scripting include client side scripting and server side scripting.

Network Security
Network security is another important part of the web development. The network administrator creates certain policies which monitor and prevent any kind of unauthorized access. This means the intruder would not be able to modify or misuse the resources. You can create a user id and password and can use them to gain access to your profile. Only certain rights and limited access to information are provided.

E Commerce Development
E Commerce is probably the newest tool or field in the wide scope of web development. It allows you to market and sell the products and services through the internet. For purchasing or selling, you do not need to visit a store but can do it all from the comfort of your home.

Search Engine Optimisation
The process of increasing the ranking of website and improving the visibility in a search is known as search engine optimisation.

Web development is certainly a really wide term and includes a number of different fields. With the advancements going on at a rapid pace, its importance is sure to rise in near future.

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