What Is Search Engine Optimization?

What Is Search Engine Optimization?Most of us use one of the many search engines present in the internet to get useful information in relation to the topic of our interest. Some of the popular search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing and AltaVista. Whenever we type a word or a group of words and press search, a list of links appear in no time. These are the links which are related to the term we are looking for.

Generally, we tend to visit the links as on first or in some cases first few pages. Have you ever wondered what makes the search engine place some links before others? Search engine optimization is a technique that is used by millions of marketers around the globe in order to improve the ranking and thus the visibility of the website.

How They Work?

The working of search engines is a lot different than the human beings. They cannot feel the great design of the website and the visual appeal. Nor can they be impacted by the presence of a really informational video on the site. Instead they look and review the text as present on different websites to make a decision.

The Spiders

Spiders are a special group of bots that visit your website and goes through text and the links. It is very important to note here that they cannot read and understand images, JavaScript, flash based pages and password protected pages. A spider keeps in mind the links visited and the content present. However, it might not visit your website again for a month or two again. Submitting the link to search engine increase the chances of spider visiting your site for the first time and in aids in search engine optimization.


The information retrieved and the links of the website is stored or indexed in a huge database of millions of links. The indexing is done based on the keywords that best describes the content as present on the website. Once related keyword is searched anywhere around the globe, the pages appear in the search results. Relevancy of the content to the searched item and its usefulness, improves the ranking of the link of website.

Algorithms For Calculation Of Relevancy

There are a number of different factors on the basis of which the search engines classify the content on a website. Some factors hold more important than others and are responsible for better ranking in a search. Some of these factors include links, Meta tags and keyword density. However, the search engines keep on revising the rules and standards for ranking from time to time. This is the reason why a continuous effort is required to keep the visibility of website high and thus the importance of search engine optimization.

An important thing to note here is that there are always minor differences in the way different search engines work. Thus chances are that your website might be on top of a particular search in one search engine but might not be seen anywhere while searching for the same keywords in other.

How Is It Helpful?

Search engine optimization is really helpful improving the visibility of the website. More visibility means more people visiting the site which in turn results in increased sales. Search engine optimization is thus the process of generating and directing traffic to a website from free and natural listings on search engines.

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